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Vulcan Flail Mower

The Vulcan flail mower is designed to operate on large areas of turf where speed is an advantage and quality of cut is essential.

The Port Agric VULCAN range of trailed gang flail mowers consists of six models with cutting widths from 5.00m to 7.50m with cutting capacities from 3cm to 8cm.

Operating with two units at the front and a single rear unit, all three units float independently within a very heavy-duty transport frame. There is an option to allow the side units to be switched off individually. The widths range from 5m to a ground-eating 7.5m and the VULCAN 3 can be powered by as little as 90 hp. The VULCAN 3 can mulch vegetation up to 3 cm and the VULCAN 8 up to 8cm. Each unit has a full width rear roller for fine height adjustment. There are forged cutter bars along the inside of the body of each flail unit that work in conjunction with the flail tips to increase mulching capabilities and an adjustable rear hood that controls the amount of vegetation that is expelled.

Working at speeds between 5 and 7km/hr, these machines allow large open areas to be kept under control very easily, sports fields, play areas and set-aside all come within the remit. The machine can fold up hydraulically to a width of less than 2.5m so is easily transported. There are two large low ground pressure wheels placed centrally behind the side units to enable the whole machine to be better balanced for a smoother ride enabling greater economy of fuel use.

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