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TYPHOON hedgecutters

The TYPHOON range of hedgecutters is being specifically built for PORT AGRIC in Europe and as such it is required to come up to the same high specification as any machines built by Port Agric to meet the demands of the discerning British user, whether that is a contractor, farmer, estate owner, groundsman or local authority.

This is a large range starting with a small machine of 2.5m reach and 60cm head that can be attached to a 25hp small compact tractor, building up to the M730T/120 which has a 7.3m reach and a 120cm head and requires 130hp. There are also four sizes of reciprocating trimmer heads from 120 - 170cms available for most models to cope with finer work. There is a choice of either cable, electric operated through a mono-lever joystick, or electric proportional controls. The flail heads are suitable for cutting grass, shrubs, hedges, ditches and include such features as reversible rotor heads and a safety damper in the double high quality steel arm. There is also a movement distributor with a special floating position allowing the machine to follow ground contours.

The more popular sizes have parallel linkage geometry to keep the head the same height when the reach is extended, there is also power slew and breakaway, indirect drive to the flail head minimises the overhang of the drive. As an option on all electric controls models is the S.I. system of arm float. With this system it is possible to select optimum float pressure in the lift ram to allow the head to float when mowing. The TYPHOON M.250, M.300 and M.380 models can be supplied as front mounted units, for the increasing range of reversible Alpine tractors. If you own such a tractor it makes sense to operate the machine on the front, hence avoiding any problems with your lower back or neck. Remember the solutions always come from Port Agric.

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