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TOW-A-HARRO harrow

Harrowing is of great benefit to any grass sward, it renovates the grass by spreading around any animal manure, and pulling out the dead grass from under the thatch, it also stimulates root and leaf growth encouraging sugar production in the plant and therefore makes the grass sweeter. 

Harrowing and topping paddocks not only keeps them tidy, it also promotes grass growth and enables more stock to be kept.

The TOW-A-HARRO is more than just a harrow, it is mounted within a frame that can be towed by any vehicle with a 50mm ball hitch.

The 4ft or 6ft Harro can be raised into a transport position by means of a sprung pin and latching device to carry the harrow mat off the ground and so avoid folding them up which is such a thankless task.

Gone are the excuses for leaving them in the paddock for the livestock to find later, now here are harrows that are a pleasure to use.

They can be reversed into corners and used to level the manage, with three different mat settings for varying stages of vigour.

It is held within its frame and therefore does not jump about and fold up when in work. 

Also available as a drag harrow for budget harrowing in smaller areas, and as a mounted 6ft harrow for compact tractors with three point linkage (mounted harrows), these harrows are ideal for small equestrian areas, and smallholdings with paddocks.

Models - 4ft T-H, 6ft T-H, 6ft mounted, 4ft drag, 6ft drag

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