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SPREADA fertiliser distributor


Take the effort out of fertiliser spreading!

Because the SPREADA is ground driven, it can be hitched straight onto the tow bar of an ATV or 4WD in a matter of seconds. 

This compact little machine is very easy to use and can be moved around by hand when empty, but has a full half tonne capacity allowing half tonne bags to be used (although the capacity of the towing vehicle must be taken into consideration). 

The low ground pressure tyres give it the ability to get about without marking the ground in the wettest of conditions, before any tractor has woken from its winter slumbers. 

Covering up to 12 metres in width at speeds up to 20kph (12 mph) the stainless steel spinning disc gives an accurate spread pattern and means the difference between the time to do the job or not.


With speed being relevant to the width of spread, it is easy to see why this robust machine is so handy in paddocks and fields of all sizes, and with the ability to go where the vehicle goes, hilly areas become accessible and ready for improvement.

The SPREADA can also be used successfully for spreading game feed, slug pellets, and is ideal for spreading salt around icy car parks.

Built in Britain to cope with the vagaries of the different climatic conditions, this versatile machine will give good service all year round.

Overall capacity - 500kgs

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