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SNACKA mobile livestock feeder


The SNACKA mobile livestock feeder has been designed to be used in the harshest of winter conditions.

Mechanically driven by a land wheel, there are no electrical components to maintain. 

The simple rotating drum dumps the measured feed at regular intervals so that there is sufficient room between heaps for the sheep to feed head to head without soiling the next heap.

The heaps are set approximately 6ft (1.8m) apart and the amount is varied with the type of feed used, between 0.5kg and 1.5kg.

This method promotes better feeding by the sheep without pushing and barging and allows shy feeders to come up to get feed which can be spread over a greater area, allowing the feed area to be moved to a fresh dryer spot each day.

Any form of feed can be put through the SNACKA due to the knife edge on the drum, cobs and roots are cut through, dispensing them as easily as barley and pellets. 

There is a reversible/removable plate inside the drum to alter the amount dropped.

The SNACKA comes with a strong, durable plastic hopper capable of holding at least 500lt with a wide opening to eliminate bridging and a tonneau cover for easy loading by hopper, loader bucket or bag.

A solid cover is not recommended because of the weight restriction of the towing vehicle. The SNACKA also comes standard with mudguards and animal fenders.

Capacity - approx 500 litres

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