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SCIMITAR RM finishing mower

The SCIMITAR is also a rear mount finishing mower for smaller tractors, fully maneuverable with four castor wheels.

It is totally shaft driven and as such gives a fine finish with minimal maintenance as the gearboxes are oil bathed and there are no greasing points. 

With the shaft drive, the work rates are increased over belt machines because there are no belts to slip and the positive drive does not slow down the tip speeds when the going gets tough.

The blades counter rotate so that there is no uncut strip left.  Stone guards are standard but do not affect the openness of the deck to let in the vegetation. 

Height adjustment is made by the same easy method of bolts through locating holes on the castor wheels with a captive recess so that only one tool is needed.

Overall width 64" (1.63m)

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