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SCIMITAR out front mower

Specifically designed for out front commercial units, the SCIMITAR rotary deck is totally shaft driven, 5ft (1.5m) wide and can be front mounted or rear mounted on compact tractors.

It gives you the ability to mow anywhere, anytime. 

So in the same day you could be mowing the fairway, then move straight into rougher areas with the same machine.

Again the mower has no belts to adjust, but rubber couplings for protection, there are no bearings to grease because the driveline is oil bathed and with positive shaft drive a high tip speed can be maintained whatever the conditions so your workrate is increased and downtime is minimal.

The shaft drive allows the two blades to counter-rotate and overlap, thus producing a superior cut and allowing an even discharge at the rear of the machine.

Built in the UK for conditions unique to this country where the grass is lusher and has a greater water content, cutting intervals can be increased because of the ability to tackle longer grass and wet conditions will not stop it.


The SCIMITAR requires less horsepower than a flail mower and yet leaves an excellent finish, it has natural rear discharge without the need for extra ducting and therefore has the ability to take in great quantities of foliage.

It has good mulching capabilities in long grass and has removable skids that protect the deck against pavement abuse. 

Height adjustment is by means of pins through locating holes on the castor wheels at the front, with a captive recess for the bolt so that only one tool is needed.


At the back of the machine there are cylindrical blocks which line up with pins for accurate and fine height adjustment. 

This gives the operator the ability to adjust the height of the deck to cope with the different working conditions.

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