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The ROLLAWEED advanced weedwiping system

It has become apparent recently that spraying chemicals into the air is no longer either environmentally acceptable or cost effective. So it is with that in mind that the weedwiping system has been developed, especially for use in pasture.

The ability to use a non-specific herbicide and only place it on the target weeds such as docks, nettles, thistles etc, gives distinct advantages over a conventional system and allows the crop i.e. the grass, to grow on without setback.

It is ideal for keeping weeds and rushes out of pasture and off ground that is more difficult to get to with the tractor and can be used with either an ATV or a 4 x 4 vehicle, or anything with a ball hitch.

A pressurised sprayboom of 10 nozzles dispense the chemical evenly onto a carpet covered roller which applies the herbicide to the underside of the leaves by a stroking action of the backward rotating roller.


Because it is a conventional sprayboom with non-drip nozzles, they will not drip once the chemical has been turned off and on the side of a hill the chemical is applied evenly to all the roller even on the most severe slopes.

The operator has full control over the chemical applied with a hand-held switch which operates a 12v electric pump on a 55lt tank mounted on the frame of the ROLLAWEED. The narrow wheels are close to the centre axis of the roller, thus maintaining an accurate height above the crop when riding over rough or undulating ground.

They are situated on the outside of the machine so that chemical that has just been applied to the weeds is not picked up and spread to other parts of the pasture by the wheels.

A unique feature of the ROLLAWEED is that the roller is removable to reveal a standard sprayboom for general use. Height adjustment is made easy by means of a single turnbuckle in the centre that gives infinite adjustment with a minimum height of 104mm (4") above the ground.

Width of roller 96" (2.4m)

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