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LONGBOW flail collector and scarifier

The ability to collect grass when moving gives an increasing advantage to users both in an amenity situation and with the collection of grass and wild flowers in paddocks and open areas. 

In the LONGBOW we have used the ability of a flail mower to leave a good finish and create enough draft to blow the cuttings into a hopper. 

The LONGBOW is a versatile, compact trailed collector and has a 1.5m deck with heavy duty twisted flails. The cutting head floats independently in its own frame to operate in the most demanding conditions.

Scarifying blades are available as an option, with each having independent wind paddles, thus ensuring that there is sufficient draft to lift the thatch, leaves etc safely into the hopper. The scarifying operation promotes root growth and drainage and helps to reduce weed infestation, it is also ideal for leaf collection.

The spacious 2 cubic metre hopper has large flotation tyres to support it and a tip height of 1.8m so that the cuttings can be tipped straight into a trailer to be removed from the site. There is a hopper support for safer maintenance and the rear wheels and drawbar are adjustable in height to cope with the different drawbar heights of tractors. The double acting hydraulic rams operate the tipping mechanism of the hopper from the tractor seat. Being a trailed machine, the power requirement is low at around 27hp. Lights are fitted to the hopper as standard.


Model Width Capacity Length Approx Weight
215 1.5m 2cu.m 3.5m 988kg

Scarifying blades


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