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The CUTLET topper

A small budget priced topper with a single rotary blade for paddocks and orchards. Direct drive through a rotor box means that a high tip speed is maintained whatever the conditions, wet or dry, nettles or thistles, long or short.

This machine is ideal for the smaller paddocks, livestock areas, between trees and in orchards. It has the capability of cutting rough grass and scrub up to 4cms thick, but does not require a lot of horsepower, the 4ft machine can be powered by as little as 10hp.

The replaceable swinging tips produce a quality cut because of the high tip speed and have an increased work rate over a belt driven machine.

 Height adjustment is by means of moving the skids on the sides of the machine and has an adjustment of between 25mm and 150mm. 

The advantage of skids is that they ride over rough ground easier than wheels, and are not as prone to breakage.

Another disadvantage of wheels is that the front of the machine has to be held on the hydraulics of the tractor, whereas skids ride along the ground, making use of the free floating linkage and therefore riding more easily over undulating ground. The body of the machine is made up of folded panels for greater strength and reinforced panels support the gear box.

Stone guards are standard. Offset brackets can be supplied which offset the topper 300mm to one side. This enables one wheel to be out of work and therefore fence lines and under trees to be more accessible. For such a robust little topper, it is very light and maneuverable, which makes it ideal for small and compact tractors.

Available in 3 widths - 4ft (1.2m), 5ft (1.5m) and 6ft (1.8m).

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