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CUTLET SP self powered topper

The CUTLET SP mower will cut a variety of vegetation, including rough grass, bracken, brambles, heather, in wet or dry conditions at workrates that are compatible to those of a tractor powered mower. 

With a single rotary blade that has replaceable swinging tips, the machine will follow where the towing vehicle takes it and cut its way through.

The very high tip speed can be maintained in very dense vegetation but also gives a superb finish on the shorter grass of paddocks or orchards. 

No spanners are needed for height adjustment which is achieved by the means of a locking turnbuckle that adjusts the rear wheels, or the towbar at the front. 

It comes with a 4ft cut for ATV's.

There is also a jockey wheel at the front that gives greater maneuverability when the machine is unhitched.

The CUTLET SP has a 15hp Kohler petrol engine with easy electric key start and a large fuel tank.

These workmanlike mowers can be used in such diverse applications as paddocks and pasture, vineyards, set-aside, woodland rides and golf courses as well as being used by local authorities for footpaths and verges and suchlike.

Robustly built to cope with the rough and uneven ground, it can be used behind any vehicle with a ball hitch, and many mow paddocks with the family car.

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