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For a superior finish on fine turf, sports pitches, golf courses, caravan parks or open spaces, the Rollamo is the best there is.

Shaft driven with the same rugged drive line as the other CUTLASS mowers, these twin roller machines come in 6ft (1.8m), 7ft (2.2m) and for wide, flat areas 9ft (2.7m). Full width 6" (150mm) diameter rollers are tapered at each end, preventing marking of the ground when turning, the result is a quality striped finish.

The height adjustment is by means of a turnbuckle in each corner, giving the finest of adjustments needed for amenity purposes, from 15-150mm without the use of tools.

The robust shaft drive maintains a constant high tip speed that is so important for quality grass cutting, with no belts to maintain or slip, a faster workrate can be achieved whatever the conditions. 

The tough design and overlapping, counter rotating blades can also cope with the heaviest growth of heather, brambles and wet grass, mulching it down to a respectable finish.

The grass is distributed evenly at the rear of the machine and due to the underside of the deck being free of any ducting allows greater volumes of grass to pass through. Rubber couplings protect the drive line from overloading and a shearbolt in the PTO shaft protects from shock. 

Again power requirement is minimal with the 6ft Rollamo only requiring 20hp, bringing into the remit of compact tractors.

The Rollamo has obvious advantages over a gang of cylinders and a flail mower, both in the initial purchase price and in on-going maintenance costs.

Available in 3 widths - 6ft (1.8m), 7ft (2.2m) and 9ft (2.7m).

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