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Developed for the local authority market, this mower has the ability to cut down anything from thick unkempt grass to the fine turf of a golf course, parkland and open spaces.

The versatility of this machine makes it ideal for highways and local authority work where one day it may be required to cut fine parkland and the next, verges and rough ground, doing the work of a flail mower at a fraction of the cost.

This means that it can do the job of two machines and reduce cutting times and costs.

Shaft driven for a positive drive that gives a faster work rate, the PRO/AM can be front or rear mounted.

Its castor wheels, situated one at each comer give greater maneuverability across the ground and around obstacles especially when front mounted.

Taking as little as 20hp to drive it, and with a ground eating 72" cut, this tough little machine can out-perform a flail machine in the rough or do a fine finish where necessary.

The construction of the mower is very heavy duty with two counter rotating blades with swinging tips. The blades overlap so that there is no uncut strip left, and because there are only two rotors, the machine is not too long, allowing for greater maneuverability.

There is no extra ducting under the deck to direct the grass because the counter rotating blades give a natural rear discharge that spreads the cuttings evenly, this allows large quantities of foliage to pass through the cutting area without blocking and the resulting loss of power. 

Height adjustment is simple using a series of spacers on the castor wheels. The tips of the blades are made of boron for extra wear and tear and a shearbolt is used for shock protection.


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