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The most common sense way of cutting grass is to mow it before you run it over. 

With this in mind and with the advent of several power units specially designed for out front mowing, we decided that it was time to look at producing mowers that can be mounted specifically on the front. 

The CUTLASS 6FM is the result. 

With front castors and a rear roller as standard, it can also have twin rollers to make up a 6ft Rollamo.

Designed for golf courses, playing fields and open spaces, it is very maneuverable and can be powered by as little as 20hp.

It has the same positive shaft drive as all our other CUTLASS mowers and toppers and can give the same excellent performance. 

Whether on the fairway, the rough or semi-rough it has the ability to leave a very fine finish. 

It distributes the cuttings evenly at the back and can cope with cutting as much thick long grass as can be pushed through it.

The high tip speed of the blades give a superior cut and are counter rotating, this means that there is no uncut strip of grass left over because the blades overlap by 3 inches. 

A full length 6" diameter roller at the rear of the machine has tapered ends to prevent marking when turning.

The bearings are on the outside of the machine for easier access to grease nipples.

Height is adjusted by means of turnbuckles on the rollers and spacers on the castor wheels, all without the need for tools. 

A shear bolt in the PTO shaft protects against sudden shock and the rubber couplings in the drive line helps protect against torque wind up.


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